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We are a small family-owned farm that loves raising and caring for our animals. 

It is our pleasure to raise high quality all natural proteins. We enjoy letting goats be goats, cattle be cattle and pigs being pigs. 

Raising our animals naturally, humanely, sustainably, while using practices appropriate to each animal’s species.

Cows should eat grasses (Pasture Salad Bar), chickens should eat bugs, and pigs should be free to wallow and root around near acorn trees.

Our mission

OUr products

We strive to bring you premium quality products, raised with care and love for the animals and the land.

Berkshire Pork

Forested / Pastured All-Natural Pork. USDA inspected and packaged. We are a farrow to finish enterprise.


Pastured Poultry. USDA inspected and packaged. Cornish Cross Broilers & Heritage Turkeys.

Grass Fed Beef

All-natural grass-fed beef. USDA Inspected and packaged. Hidden Holly Farm beef has never been given steroids or growth hormones.

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