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We pride ourselves on how we care for the animals we raise. Our intent is to let our animals live as nature intended. It may surprise some people, but we only use a barn to house our animal in extreme circumstances.

Unlike the commonly known CAFO operations, we strive to feed and care for our animal as nature intended. Our ruminants are rotationally grazed to keep them is fresh nutritious pasture. Our omnivores are also pastured and fed a mixture of nutritious feed specific to their species and age.

We are the total opposite of a factory CAFO operation. Our animals are outside every day in the fresh air and sunshine.

Yes! We love for our friends and neighbors to visit the farm to learn about our agricultural practices and enjoy mother nature. Please email or call to schedule a tour.

We farrow our piglets on the farm. Poultry is purchased from a local hatchery. Our pastured cattle are purchased from our partner farms.

Our main process to control parasite load is managed rotational grazing. This form of pasture is how nature helps animals control parasites.

Currently we have chicken, beef and pork for sale.

Most of our products are processed at a local USDA inspected facility. Sometimes we process our poultry on farm. When we have a farm harvest, notice will be communicated on our social media and farm email updates so plans can be made to pick up the fresh poultry.

The all-natural fertilizer, aka compost. We do not apply synthetic chemical fertilizers on our farm. We practice rotational grazing with multiple species, add compost material (carbon) to our pastures to improve soil health and ultimately nutritional benefits to our products.

Not all “weeds” are bad. As we improve our soil health, we also diversify the grasses and legumes in our pastures. We overseed our pastures with grasses and legumes appropriate to species and season to help control weeds. In some cases, we use controlled burns to controlled undesired vegetation. And we also use the old fashioned weed “wacker” to keep grasses and weeds from shorting out our fences.

Filling out a cut sheet can be a daunting task. We are here to help. We will help you fill out your cut sheet step by step.

Yes, our meat products are frozen.

At this time, we are not shipping product. If you need product shipped, please call us and we will do what we can to serve you.

Yes, we deliver locally to specific “meat up” locations.

Yes, your order can be picked up at the farm. Once your order is placed we will schedule a pick up convenient for you.

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